- Here we are tinkering with the future of the C64 -
About LOOP 64

Universe64 Developer Platform

This new Developer Platform is for the future of the C64, for a new Universe (Universe64), that has been designed und programmed by myself in just over two weeks Above all, the future of the C64 in a completely new form, far from the typical "Retro" is the special focus here. New experiences, new entertainment will be created here

I have already delivered the preliminary stage for this with my new circuit boards ( -> UNI64 ), which have already brought a lot of joy to many users. But this should have been only the beginning. Because something even more exciting is waiting: the Internet!

But also here it is important for me not to deliver a simple copy, but to use this for something completely new. What this is exactly in detail I can not yet reveal here

Since I built the platform myself from scratch with PHP and MySQL, it is also possible for me to implement new features in the platform, which does not have to subordinate existing limits. In the eye I have there especially the planned "contests".

Anyone who would like to support me is welcome to do so via my Patreon page. The greater the support, the more opportunities arise.


In addition, this new C64 platform would like to make some better, in which it directs a special attention to the protection of the users and the contact among themselves. Especially on the often helpless, who can not defend themselves properly.

On this platform, no one is laughed at or ridiculed just because the one "supposedly" strange or too simple questions, or simply something different than usual would like to do. I would like that especially the beginners feel comfortable here, and claims/disrespects of "professionals and jokers" are put in their place.

For this reason, I have introduced a simple icon:

which can be found under each post and on which everyone can click, if this has the feeling that a revision of the written here is necessary.

This is not a leg break, and this is also not a cause for gloating or downgrading, but an "opportunity" to "improve" the text. But also possible false estimates with the new symbol I will take as an opportunity to explain what and why something is ok, and what is not. I think everyone should get the opportunity to understand, fix any mistakes themselves, as well as learn to nudge their own automatisms in the right direction over time. In doing so, others should refrain from making any judgments, but pay respect to this process.

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