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The idea behind the Pulse64 (Article)

The circuit board is where I get the most questions, or question marks I am a Hollywood movie fan, and also of the ALIENs movies. One day I had the idea to build a C64 Pulse Rifle, like the one in the movie Alien. I thought it was a funny idea, so I came up with some basic specifications:

LCD screen, 3x Ultra Bright LEDs and Userport LASER plug-on option, as well as the system on the plug-in module. This is what it looks like when mounted:


But so that this doesn't become a dull copy, another idea was added... which is still a surprise As far as the design of the board is concerned, I kept to the shape of a rifle, i.e. with a handle at the end and narrower at the front. That means: there is about 40% less space available.  


Actually, I didn't think it would work, because as you can see, the question here is: where to lay the tracks in the first place? But as is so often the case, despite the countless traces that had to be laid, it worked in the end. You always have to be aware that all the boards I make are 2-layer boards.   No 4, no 6 or 8, no, 2 layers

When the motherboard was finished, I started working on the additional boards. One of them enables the installation of the large LCD screen, as well as many other things like the Pro Micro control chip, Bluetooth, loudspeakers, etc....


So far everything is there and ready, but I still have to program the software But since my new Simple IDE with assembler/compiler has also been developed so far, I can soon finish everything comfortably. And then the fun can begin 

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