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SYSTest64 + OLED (Article)

The year 2021 brings a new DIAG cartridge that offers many surprises and interesting, new and very helpful features, as well as plug-in boards for visual observation of the address, data and control signals:


Let's start with the biggest change, the OLED display.


The OLED display is not only used to select and start test areas and ROMs on the 512 EEPROM, but also shows for the first time important signals for the basic system, without counting screen flashes and without having an oscilloscope.

The new DIAG cartridge has been designed to be compatible with other DIAG cartridges, so that for example an old harness cable can be used 1:1 with the new SYSTest64+OLED cartridge. Also the old DIAG software 586220 still works and can be started e.g. as ROM 7 or 8 via the OLED menu.

The normal standard test, which automatically runs all tests either once or in a loop, has been completely revised and divided into logical blocks.


This switches to the new ROM completely automatically as soon as the ULTIMAX-RAM test is finished. In the future, even more features are possible and planned.

But not only new tests have been added, as well as optimized and accelerated, also completely new analysis ROM tools have been created and added, which you can now select and launch directly on the cartridge in the OLED menu:


This means that in the future you won't need 3-4 test cartridges and game modules, but can do everything with a single cartridge.

The SYSTest64+OLED board, as well as the info document about the new DIAG cartridge are available  > here

More Screenshots:


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